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Laser Christmas 2002
Pictures 2002
Pictures 2003



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Park City - February 2003

The annual Laser women and kids ski trip to Park City, hosted by Dorrie Laser. It was the year of the baby though -- no ski shots, just baby shots!

Pam's sister Gail with Corey

Corey's cousin Kelsey holds him

Pam's cousin chuck with you-know-who

The ever-popular Corey with his cousin Dylan

Montreal - February 2003

OK, so in the dead of winter we went to the Olympic Park in Montreal. It must have been 25 below. They were pretty surprised to see tourists!

Baby monkey hangs onto momma

We spent a lot of time at the cool (actually warm!) indoor bio-thingie

Pam and Daniel

They had a special butterfly exhibit in a botanical garden; thousands of butterflies everywhere.

They were all around us, with scientists explaining the life cycle


Gotta have a baby picture in every series...

Spring in Burlington

Why this photo? We've got hundreds of 'em. Tip: if you can't keep all the treasures, at least take pictures!

Gwendolyn and Miriam (neighbors) with Corey

Pam and Corey

Miriam and Corey

Losin' teeth

Easter for Jonas, Gwendolyn, Daniel, and Miriam. The easter bunny (Dave Burrell) showed up!

DH at work, this time on a better (larger) slingshot

Babe and Babe

Little League

The coaches deserve a medal, thanks Richard!

The Dynamic Duo (DH and Dylanger)

With solar car and attitude

New sun umbrella replaces the tree that fell down in the backyard

See the corner of the roof? The tree almost took out the porch.

Eric and Corey

Dorrie (Grandma) and Smiley

Eric replacing the half-tree that fell with a prosthetic limb, so we can have a baby swing again.

Her wonderfulness, Flowers. The baby's not bad either.


Over July 4th weekend, every single one of Ernest Morgan's living direct descendants, and every spouse and significant other, gathered to inter Ernest's ashes next to Elizabeth's in Celo, NC.

  We stayed the week.

Daniel and Aunt Linda play badminton by the "cabin"

View towards soccer field

Bobby's cabin

At grandma Jenifer's

My favorite Celo photo: Corey and Pam with Bob & Dot Barrus

Jim and Linda prepped food for the whole crowd, while Sierra looks on.

Cousins Mike and Kathy in the new Arthur Morgan School dining room

Corey and second-cousin-once-removed Sierra

Marty Moran, superdad, with Pria and Corey

Daniel and Sierra's brother, Seth

The Morgan clan debates the world's problems. The concrete pad to the left is all that remains of the old AMS dining room.

Jenifer and Corey

The family took a rainy walk into the mountains

Seth and Daniel and Sierra at Ernest's grave

Sierra and Corey

Tom Okuku, wife Carmen, baby Pria, and mom (Eric's cousin) Asha

Daniel's main goal in Celo - play soccer

Corey and aunt Linda

C & D

Robin and Tammy Dreyer dropped by, as did Clark and Peggy Tibbets

Basin Harbor

Dorrie Laser (Mamu) gets all the grandkids together several times a year -- the summer version is here in Vermont.  The cousins have gotten to know each other really well over the years through Dorrie's efforts.

C & D

Daniel learning tennis

Corey and cousin Dylan

The big attraction - a floating trampoline - Daniel got on it for the first time this year

Corey makes a new friend

Cousins Kelsey, Riley, and Jade with Corey.

Pam's dad Kurt ("pop-pop") with corey

Pushups so young?

Bingo night

Time to get up?

Summer in Burlington (mostly)

Pam's aunt Bobbie visited

Daniel discovered skateboards

Pam and kids at the waterfront

Debbi (blue dress) at daughter Annie Burton's wedding

Our 10-year anniversary canoe weekend! Not a lot of pix, as it rained most of the time, but it was wonderful.

It was her idea, bless her

Eric and kids

Daniel gets a professional haircut

Miriam and Gwendolyn are still baby-hounds

Bath-time is a good time

A great weekend with Pete Woodbury and Carole Erslev in NH -- Daniel and Maia were spies


Jenifer was here for the busy halloween week

A little too scarey

Friends Soma and Gopal and their son Ritik, just before their return to Bengal

Cheesecake shot for Aunt Vicki Morgan's calendar




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