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Mexico - February 2002

Jenifer (eric's mom) arranged this trip for her family.  She has been active in the southern state of Chiapas since the late 1980's, and has visited there at least annually for many years.  Among other projects, she spearheaded a sister-cities collaboration between Saint Cristobal de las Casas (the mountainous capital of Chiapas) and Asheville, North Carolina.

The highlight of the trip for us was the beautiful memorial service the Morgan clan attended on February 20th (1st anniversary of Gary's death).


San Cristobal

Jenifer and Lee Morgan (Eric's Mom and Uncle) and Mary Ellen Ayres (their cousin) hit the road. Don't let the cane fool you, ME went everywhere!

Jenifer's cousin John Morgan relaxes in the courtyard of our very pleasant hotel, provided by Mom's friend Kiki

Mom arranged tours of every sort -- mainly political reducation, but also a hike in a nature preserve. A mayan cross.

Daniel and Grandma J in the reserve

Daniel knows all about Bromilliads now from Hector (the naturalist who took us to the preserve)

Two of Hector's kids with Daniel, that's Rodriguez on the right

Hector's oldest daughter Gabriella (Gabby) took care of Daniel much of the week, a lovely person.

A local job training effort revolved around blacksmithing

Visiting another smithy in Magdalena, an "independent" village

Daniel in the workshop with Aaron's parrot

This little flower arrangement was part of the service for Gary -- Daniel didn't want to leave it behind, so we carried it with us through Mexico

Lee and Vicki's niece Erin, a great companion and spanish-speaker

Grandma Jenifer visiting convent

John Morgan and Erin in the Sumidero canyon, a natural wonder

A weaver in the town of Zincatan

We stayed an extra week, and went by bus to the Chiapas coast

Daniel had never seen an ocean before

He ran in before we could ask him to take his clothes off

Puerto Arista, our home for the week

The locals played soccer on the beach from about 4 to dark every night. I lasted about 10 minutes.

We lived on fish, tortillas, and eggs. This is in nearby Boca de Cielo



Fall 2003

Daniel types on gift from Grandpa Bob




Corey's first doctor checkup (12/24/02)

Look at those cheeks! Has that kid been nursing?

Barb Frankowski, we are lucky to have her for our pediatrician

Christmas 2002

12/22, Daniel sits in daddy's birthday present

12/22 -- she gave birth less than a week ago!

Christmas Eve cookie-making

Sure, Dad!

The big present - downhill skis

Flowers gets a few treats, too

The first K'Nex



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