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Gary Ernest Hart

Gary was born April 19,1999, and died February 20, 2001.  We remember him every day.  Here are some of the things we've written about Gary:

Gary's Birth Announcement (click for larger image)


Gary's Obituary

How Gary died


Pictures - 1999

Gary at 3 months

Gary and Daniel


Pictures - 2000

Bedtime stories

Grandma Jenifer's visit, summer 2000

Douglas Brooks pretends to be afraid of toddlers

Ithaca, Summer 2000. We had a great trip with Doug Wood on his boat

At our little Ithaca cabin

Stewart Park in Ithaca

The first day after we put up a playset.

Daniel is in his blue Batman cape. Gary had a red Robin cape.

Gary climbed right up this ramp at 1-1/2 years. He was a climber!

Our Christmas picture in 2000. One of the very last with Gary in it. We were getting our Christmas tree that day.

A cropped version of this was printed with Gary's obituary.

Laser Christmas 2000. Our last picture with Gary. This portrait was created from a snapshot, gift of Grandma Jenifer Morgan.


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