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The home page for Eric Hart, Pam Laser, Daniel Hart, Corey Hart (and Flowers).

Happy 2004 and to all!  I updated this page as my New Year's Eve activity, and it really is gratifying to look over the year and relive some of the pleasant moments (since it's mostly the pleasant part that gets captured on photos).

If you've been here before, here's what's new and different:  Pictures 2003 and Daniel pages are entirely new.  Pictures 2002 now includes some photos from our great trip to Mexico with some of the Morgan clan in February 2002, the 1st anniversary of Gary's death. 

Some things I may or may not have created by the time you see this: a "Memorials" page to honor our little Gary and some of the close friends and family who have died in the last few years.  A "Contact us" page with directions and contact info.

There are a lot of photos - don't feel obliged to look at them all!  If you would like a high-rez copy (electronic or paper) of any picture, please let us know.


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